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Obozo is right; it was some other lop-eared liar that promised Barrycare would not cost the average American 'one thin dime' more than they are already paying. And, it was a malfunctioning teleprompter that promised we could keep the doctors and hospitals we liked.
Is there anything as angry as a lib who does not get his demands?
Oh, what does Turley know? Obama was a part time lecturer and community organizer.
How do these people live with themselves? How do they face their children? On what basis do they wrap themselves in sanctimony?
Just exactly who is surprised that 1/3 of Americans that Democrats ought to run the plantation? If the truth be told, 47+% would comply if there was something 'free' attached.
I would like to see a similar election every year or two in Wisco. It would be the perfect way to drain union coffers with very high profile losses.
Why a quarantine, Steve? Because PRUDENCE dictates prudence until the transmission of this deadly disease is definitely known. You have said nothing that explains why a supposed dedicated medical professional would object to such precautions. Excuse the rest of us who think that Hickox is a self-serviing, self-promoting narcissist for demanding exemption from a professional commitment to the health and safety of others.
Perfect, but late! Obama walked out on the American people and now it is their turn to vote with their feet. I cannot help but feel that those who walked out did so because he did not bring his goodie bag.
Illinois; not broken----FIXED.
Unfortunately, today's citizenry is so poorly educated that 40% think that the currency of New Mexico is the peso and the same number cannot name the sitting VP. Half cannot name the president before GWB. These people vote, but who can rely upon their judgment from one moment to the next. That is what makes them so fertile to campaigners like Clinton and Obama.
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