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And we're all aware of the dangers of mixing cotton with polyester.
yes it is part of the natural order of nature, because it NATURALLY occurs in NATURE among many types of animals. To call it a "perversion of nature" is to show your bias and inclinations. Not saying you don't have a right to your feelings, but be aware of your own biases.
Why is this here 3 times??? lol 1) Rich D- And you are losing the battle, deal with it 2)Call them peverts...oh I see, totally different from John. Sorry about the Air Force mix up, but right now it is basically Phillip Monk's version vs. the Air Force. Not to say we should assume the Air Force is automatically correct, but to state as FACT that this is an example of "christian persecution" when we know no such thing is wrong. 3)Ron-Ca, how do you interpret Leviticus 19:19 (fabric mixing), and Leviticus 11:10 (the shellfish thing)?
"You can support gay marriage or you can be Christian, but you can't do both. You can pretend to do both, but you're giving up your Christian beliefs to be more palatable to people who are hostile to Christianity" -In your own damn opinion John Hawkins, and in your interpretation of the bible. I swear, where do people like this come from? I never encounter people who are flat out misogynist, homophobic, and whiny as this dude. Oh and FYI, the army denies what Phillip Monk is saying, but he said something about the GAY AGENDA, so it must be true!!!
We didnt evolve from monkeys dude, we have a common ancestor, learn the facts.
Fwi, PPP was more accurate with their 2012 predictions than Rasmusen and RCP, favorites of the right wing. The director believed the poll was mishandled and chose not to publish it.
I thought I told you you were done??
Really Sarah Jean Seman? I beg to differ on what "most of America" would agree to
Please tell me Greg Hengler doesn't actually get paid for these 1 sentence posts
I agree with the "god help us if Cruz is the president" line, because he pals around with right wing evangelicals, HOWEVER, I have NO problem with him being the GOP nominee for president, because I Truly TRULY believe that he would lose, possible by a landslide. Can anyone here honestly say that the majority of the US, not just your friends and neighbors, believe in the conservative, right wing religious message? The support for immigration reform, gay marriage, and universal education, and the fact that they voted for Obama overwhelmingly both times, would suggest otherwise.
Oh wowwwwww your so witty, dang that was so awesome dude, your great!
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