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Wow, that is a breath of fresh air. The article doesn't say if the ruling applied immediately or if it is stayed until an appeal is brought by the State (as you know it will be).
Hey Mr. comedy, while you're at it, check into a one Barak Obama and his henchman Eric Holder. Leave Isis to the military.
Anyone with half a brain knows this isn't sustainable. There's not enough workers to support the takers in this society. It used to be considered shameful to take government handouts and now it's standard operating procedure for perfectly healthy and capable individuals. It's sickening and the parasites who are taking advantage of the system should be ashamed. As should their political pimps.
If nothing else, all of these scandals have exposed a major flaw in our system of government. When a person can be in contempt of Congress and the contempt charge has zero effect, why have it to begin with? Someone smarter than myself needs to come up with laws that have teeth when dealing with corrupt government officials. Right now the rule of law means jack sh-t.
Wake up dpsht. He himself is to blame for allowing this menace to fester while he dismissed them as JV. He only moves to action when he is dragged to it.
Bring in the AC 130 gunships and smoke any American made armored vehicle in the entire region. If Obama had the stones, we'd decimate these savages inside of a month.
The Demoncrats didn't even have time to read the legislation they crammed through in the dead of the night, so how could they have done anything else?
Why do Jewish Americans vote in lockstep with the Democratic Party?! You are now reaping what you sow.
Truly delusional. If this doesn't prove that this snake will say or do anything to stay in power, then nothing will.
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