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There needs to be an instant court marshll for anyone connected to this statement.
Once again we've been Harfed. Forced to endure a tortuous Alice in Wonderland diatribe. What an imbecile.
A true maggot as far as I'm concerned.
What an article full of drivel. Competition is beneficial to the consumer and has the opposite effect of the author contends (poorer service and ride quality because of declining margins). This is merely an argument to keep the status quo of a politically protected industry. Let the market determine the winners and losers, not government.
Serial liar.
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The EPA Is Not Above the Law

A Capitalist Pig Wrote: Jan 09, 2015 1:48 AM
The EPA needs to be reigned in immediately. The agency is little more than a tool in the Progrssive/environmentalist toolbox with which to impact the rightful and lawful use of private property. Thier regulations in the last six years have become extremely onerous and are a thinly veiled attack on the cornerstone of a capitalist society.
Only a Progressive dipstick could come up with such an inane concept and an equally idiotic definition to go with it. Call it what it is, another Progressive, control freak, power hungry, government drone hell bent on living everyone else's lives for them. Go to hell!!
Darwin at work. If a person is stupid enough to pull a weapon on a cop, then they deserve to be removed from the gene pool.
Yeah, Ms. Castro, because Socialism has been working so well for you....
I imagine Obama considers this "schoolyard violence".
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