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Now that Obama can't hide behind Dirty Harry, keep sending up bills and making him veto them. It will be another link in the chain hanging around the Dems necks. It will lay bare all of their lies about being pro-middle class.
Solid proof that 37% of the electorate is as stupid as Mr. Gruber asserts.
Upon Obama's veto, work to defund the critical aspects of it behind the scenes. As the superstructure fails, hang the whole mess around the necks of every Democrat running for president in 2016. The vast majority of Americans understand the problems with the law and want it repealed. They understand who created this Frankenstein to begin with.
Repeat the lie often enough, it becomes the truth eh Bill?
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Uber Republicans

A Capitalist Pig Wrote: Nov 04, 2014 2:31 PM
Both parties need to stop using government coercion in order to further their agendas. The government needs to be pared back as much as possible and the cronies and rent-seekers need to be pulled off the teat of government asap.
From what I have seen of him, he's nothing more than a peddler of platitudes. If you're fool enough to pay someone to tell you how good you are, you're a sap.
Democrats and Progressives, Marxists and Communist have a fatal lack of faith in the human race. Theirs is a world of shortages, suffering etc. Completely devoid of optimism and faith in the clever adaptations and innovations that humans are known for. The end result is usually mass murder as in Mao's China, Stalin's Russia, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and on and on and on.
You mean like the "97%" of scientist consensus? Blow me
Sounds like just another conniving liberal kunt to me. Her only regret is being caught.
Don't worry, the Democrap operatives will vote for them on election day.
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