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The Lie With Something Extra

acantlon Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 5:11 PM
That was not pretend , he spent his time in gay bars, that is why 3 of reverend wrights flock died when Obama ran for president, they did not want any of his male lovers making waves during the election!
The word hoax first came into popular use sometime in the middle to late eighteenth century. It is thought to have been a contraction of the word hocus from the conjuror's term hocus pocus. The term hocus pocus itself first appeared in the early seventeenth century. It might have derived from the assumed name of a conjuror in the time of King James who called himself 'The Kings Majesties most excellent Hocus Pocus' because with the performance of every trick he used to call out the nonsense phrase, "Hocus pocus, tontus talontus, vade celeriter jubeo" (later magicians were known to use...