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Embrace the Sequester

acantlon Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 6:15 PM
As far as defense cuts we can manage many, what we need is a policy which protects our interests & discourages our enemeys, the first thing the congress needs to understand is that the real enemy is a political system that masquarades as a religion, muslims are sworn to kill all infidels ( anyone whom is not muslim) , I recognize this & believe they are serious about it, I think we should have a decreration like the Manroe decleration that states we will retaliate against anyone of that religion attacking us, by individual retalation to retalation against countries from which they are from, a nuke aimed at Iran & with a declared intent on our part that states we will use it & many more if necessary should get their attention.

Something odd happened a few months ago as I weighed the various aspects of the dreaded Sequester Monster, a creature vilified across party lines.

It is often true that if enough people in government say something is bad, there is a strong chance of redeeming qualities.

So my journey began. The only element of the sequester that bothered me in the least was military cuts. But my friends at the Institute for Policy Innovation properly observe that defense spending will not fall below 2007 levels, which were 75% above pre-9/11Pentagon budgets.

High enough for me? Of course not. I actually want...