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Obama’s Son Looks Like Ferguson

acantlon Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 4:39 AM
Very well stated, as with all of O'zero's sons (if they had been born) this one also has a rap sheet, three felony charges plus a sealed juvenile record ( just like zero's sealed history , with his birth in Africa, foreign student loans, 26 false social security numbers, fake birth certificates & name changes, whom are you looking for ? Barrack the African from Kenya, Barry the Fairy from Chicago"s south side Or Barrack the presidential imposter!
We have no liberal republicans, those are democrats in disguise!
You must have joined the ACA group that has Kenyan witch doctors to treat you, Obama may not look like a qualified witch doctor (lacking the traditional bone thru his nose but I understand he frequently has one inserted in his rectum) but he does have the ACA & a Kenyan birth certificate , so he may just be giving you your next prostate examination. LOOK NO HANDS!
Chicagoland king,
The fairy
Heil Barry
10 percent of comments are posted, 90 percent deleted
Heil Barry the fairy.
How about communicating with your congressional representative & expressing your opinion of Obama importing thousands of Muslims into the US when they are all sworn to kill us by their Koran! Obama the dictator is coming!
Amazing, they worry about a wild animal that is utterly unpredicatable but normally of little threat to us , while ignoring muslims whom have declared death to all of us infidels, I personally prefer the tiger, it has no reason to attack us other than hunger but muslims will attack us because they hate us!
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Grim Times for Gun Grabbers

acantlon Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 5:11 PM
William6283, in response, with Obama & Holder in power the rule is if you are black & a registered democrat , you may haul the weapon across state lines & shoot people at will as long as they are white republicans & you do not select full automatic, if on the other hand you are white , let me warn you, never carry a soda straw and a bag of beans in your car at the same time to avoid arrest !
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