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The Obama Admin, NY Times, and the Islamist

absinthe48 Wrote: Mar 10, 2013 7:13 AM
American foreign policy has tended to destroy ancient Christian communities throughout the Muslim world. I am not sure that this has been our intention, but it has certainly been the effect of our policy. Concern about Iraqi Christians is a major reason why both John Paul II and Benedict XVI labeled the second Bush War an unjust war, i.e. a war crime. Neither party should be proud of its part in the mayhem we have caused throughout the Middle East.
Bondman60 Wrote: Mar 12, 2013 8:37 AM
And yet, while Chrisitian communities under Israel's control thrive and are protected from the local Muslim jihadists, the Vatican has always been luke-warm about support for a strong Israel. Instead, the Vatican pushes for "Palestinian" rights even as these Arab Muslims systematically destroy every Christian community they take control of. The Catholic church cannot grasp the concept that supporting Muslims in the silly hopes that the Muslims will return the favor by leaving their Christian dhimmis alone is just false.
Kepha Wrote: Mar 10, 2013 1:02 PM
American leaders tend to be very shortsighted and have little interest in either theology or history.

Not only is The New York Times editorial page known for often being thin on facts, it is known for its cheerleading of the Obama administration—especially the administration’s shortsightedness regarding the Middle East.

To prove that point, they recently published their March 4 editorial: Egypt Needs to Act. In the course of attempting to make their argument, the Times not only butchered the facts, they praised the terrible decision by the Obama administration to hand Egypt wads of US money. Go figure.

They hailed Obama’s decision to send $250 million of hard-earned, taxpayer money to the Muslim Brotherhood of...