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Higher Education, R.I.P.

absinthe48 Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 8:20 AM
"Respectability is the death of thought." Good line, Mr. Greenberg. Respectability is also a cloak for mischief, often of a criminal nature. Colleges and "universities" are now printing degrees the way that the Federal Reserve prints dollars, with promiscuous abandon. It is considered harsh to be judgmental even in those cases where graduate students lack basic skills in reading and writing, never mind in critical thinking. But degrees confer the "respectability" that employers now require, along with drug tests and background checks to make sure that there are not violent felonies lurking in the background of the latest batch of newly minted Ph.D.s

What ever happened to the medium once known as Little Magazines? This country once had a select group of literary and political journals that represented the vanguard of American thought and art. Some were both literary and political. High Culture, it was called when there was still such a thing.

For example, the old and much-missed Partisan Review. Its first issue as an independent journal in 1937 included Delmore Schwartz's short story, "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities," a poem by Wallace Stevens, and pieces by Lionel Trilling, Sidney Hook and Edmund Wilson -- once names to conjure with.

Begun as the honest...