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Nelson Rockefeller pioneered the war on some drugs -- those drugs that are easily obtained by simple gardening techniques known to ordinary people with even the slightest "green" orientation -- while he was governor of New York. Rockefeller was type-cast as a "progressive" Republican, much as his friendly foe Averell Harriman was promoted by the New York media as a "respectable" Democrat. It must have come as a shock to one of Nelson's mistresses when she realized that she had a corpse lying on top of her.
An enlightened citizenry will keep close watch over police and military forces, because -- was it Mao who said it? -- power springs from the barrel of a gun. But this is slightly different. Obama, Holder et al. are busy selling out the Democrats' core constituency by importing loads of Latinos into America, Latinos who will compete with African-Americans for entry-level jobs at low (often illegal) prices. Ferguson, "Hands up, don't shoot," "I can't breathe" etc. are trivial matters of only local import. The media are diverting people's attention away from where real history is being written: behind our autocracy's closed doors.
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Stupid is as Krugman Does

absinthe48 Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 6:43 AM
"Krug" means crock in German, which is pretty much what one gets with The Krug. Keynes was a more nuanced thinker than conservatives now acknowledge, and he achieved one great success: bring Hayek out into the lists, where Hayek could joust on behalf of common sense and fiscal and monetary prudence. Hayek thought that Keynes was an opponent worth engaging at an intellectual level. Surely The Krug is not.
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Christophobes March On

absinthe48 Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 6:58 AM
The campaign against Putin is also an indicium of Christophobia. When "Papa Joe" Stalin was exterminating Christians by the tens of millions -- R. J. Rummel suggests 62,000,000 died under the Lenin-Stalin regime -- Hollywood was churning out puff pieces on how the Soviet Union was the future that worked. Now that Putin allows Christians to come out of their closets, Putin is the worst thing since borscht was devised. Christophobia pure and simple.
Surely a mistake here? "[R]ubes ... make up the Democrats' base"?!? The mistake is Kevin Williamson's, not Daniel Mitchell's, but it is a mistake all the same. The Democratic base is decidedly urban and black. Any political machine that can churn out 99% of the vote with 101% turnout is awesome, but these politicos are not "rubes".
States, as entities sovereign under American constitutional theory, have the power to repudiate their debts. States don't need federal judges to administer their finances. The danger posed by republican self rule in general and our Constitution in particular, however, is the same that faced the French king Louis XVI in 1788 and the Russian czar Nicholas II in 1917. There comes a time when prodigious government expenditure becomes insupportable by the working population. That is when Calhoun and "states' rights" will be rediscovered.
The Puritans of Massachusetts made the observance of Christmas illegal. Puritans were a thoroughly nasty business, and not much has changed in Massachusetts during the intervening 300 years. Aside from introducing Africans into America, they were quite vigilant in keep Africans out of Massachusetts.
Most of us want to live in Nigeria, Cuba, Venezuela etc. That is why Russian oligarchs and Obama's friends are flocking to Lagos, Havana, Caracas etc.
"Rebels" may not be "le mot juste" for resistance fighters in the historically Russian regions of Ukraine. The Ukrainian government, such as it is, was installed by a putsch against a democratically elected regime. Americans organized and financed the coup d'etat that decapitated Ukrainian democracy -- and Joe Biden got his errant son elected to the board of the Ukrainian state oil company -- but that doesn't necessarily mean that democracy is an evil per se. Just as we dismembered Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia to our benefit, Russians would like to see Khrushchev's "Ukraine" split into its pre-Communist parts, especially now that we Americans have decreed democrats there to be "rebels" against our puppet regime.
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Ferguson, the Verdict is….

absinthe48 Wrote: Nov 16, 2014 8:21 AM
Over the years I have had several friends from different parts of Missouri. The weird thing is that the boys from St. Louis were militantly anti-racist, college athletes who had formed close friendships with black teammates. KC, Springfield, rural communities were a different story, casual racism leading them to locate their families in suburbs, exurbs etc. where whites were a majority in their public school districts. Anecdotal evidence, but I don't believe the good people of St. Louis deserve being pestered by professional race agitators like Obola, Holder, Sharpton, Jesse the Jackel et al.
Nixon should have contested the 1960 election, stolen for Kennedy by Daley in Illinois and by LBJ in Texas. That Nixon was playing a long game speaks well for his own political prowess but little for his patriotism. Blacks stand to lose big time if Obama opens the floodgates to unstanched Latino immigration. Will this be enough to flip black ministers back to the GOP? My guess is that free medical care, free housing, free food, free EBT cards and other freebies will be a stronger lure than religious beliefs and traditional culture.
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