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At one point I tried to learn New Testament Greek, but I didn't get very far. All translations -- from Jerome (4th century AD) through Luther and King James -- are "re-writing the Word of God". I wouldn't be able to understand the Biblical message if I couldn't read it as re-written. It distresses me to learn that reading an English language Bible is forbidden and that I have been committing blasphemy by doing so.
Our "anti-discriminatory" employment laws are a mess and help explain why we have stagnated economically since LBJ passed his "Great Society" civil rights laws. My sympathy is with a right of an employer to fire any employee for any reason, but we all know that that is not how it works in the USA today. Anyone who has worked in the civil service knows that the only way to get rid of an incompetent or dishonest "civil servant" is to pass him/her upstairs so someone else will have to deal with him/her. As to the controversy. How the Bible is translated into modern languages -- or even what the canon should consist of from the original Hebrew and Greek texts -- is a bloody battlefield, contentious for at least two millennia. Bob should be able to express his opinion freely on the topic on his own personal blog. So I wish Bob well on his lawsuit.
Demographics matter. France has faced a flood of immigrants bringing with them militant Islam. The USA faces a different problem, since our migrants are primarily from Catholic cultures, but these often have antisemitic traditions -- Argentina! Leftists in this country, whom Jews rather broadly support, believe that they can quickly assimilate Latinos and indoctrinate them in Democratic party politics, but I wonder if they shouldn't check their hold card.
The mayor of the village where I maintain my family's office (80% African-American) raised her salary from $25,000 to $60,000 although she is a "full time" student receiving government grants. It turns out that she has not paid her municipal water bills, because she thought that public officials did not have to pay for services provided by the government. We thought that she was headed to the pen, but Obama/Holder's DoJ intervened to say that she was being persecuted because of her race. An entitlement society indeed.
Stalin, who was Georgian, and Khrushchev, who was Ukrainian, were the leaders of the USSR who readjusted the boundaries of the constituent republics. "Divide and conquer" has been an imperial technique since the days of Rome -- not to mention the Babylonian captivity, ancient China and India etc. Stalin "the breaker of nations" transported ethnic peoples all over the vast land expanse of Eurasia. Like Ireland, the Balts etc. and now Scotland, Wales, Catalonia, Lombardy, Kurdistan etc., devolution of power from centralized bureaucracies to more localized and culturally cohesive constituencies seems to be the trend. We may be on the wrong side of history here.
I should have clarified. The USS Vincennes took down an Iranian airliner over the Persian Gulf in 1988 (?). It was full of pilgrims headed to Mecca. War zones are dangerous places for civilian airliners, especially with the proliferation of ground-to-air missiles, such as we have been furnishing the rebels in Syria.
It is also not the first civilian airliner that we Americans have shot down, if it turns out that our allies, the junta in Kiev, launched the missile. Right-wing Rep. Larry McDonald was on KAL 007 when the Soviets (not the Russians) shot it down, and it is said that Richard Nixon was originally scheduled to be a passenger on it. This was in 1983, because my parents were in China at the time. Conspiracy theories, which I don't believe, have circulated around the net about CIA involvement in arranging the "accident", but the point is that there was no convincing investigation into the circumstances of that crash.
The history of disinformation goes back long before Goebbels and Madison Avenue updated it into a social science. The very word "propaganda" goes back to the Vatican's congregation for propagating the faith. We have torn our britches on disinformation campaigns like Katyn, Mossadegh, Gulf of Tonkin, Iraqi WMDs, Syrian biological warfare etc. No one believes American "intelligence" anymore. Putin may have been ultimately responsible for MH17, just as Reagan may have been ultimately responsible when the Vincennes shot down the plane full of Iranian pilgrims, but we are not likely to know with the propaganda machines in full flow. Paul is right. Condemnation without an honest investigation is simply ginning up another catastrophic war.
If reports are to be believed -- and they have not been denied by the junior senator from Massachusetts, merely ignored -- Fauxcahontas made millions practicing law without a license while teaching at Harvard or Boston U or Rutgers or at some such "law" school. Being a recipient of corporate largesse herself, it is hardly surprising that Fauxcahontas would like to spread taxpayer wealth to those who shelter under her luxurious little wigwam.
You may be on to something. The difference between a politician and a lap dancer is that the lap dancer works for a living.
JDR achieved his monopoly by muscling out independent producers. Get a grip on distribution systems and you can starve out independent businessmen. Once you've got the monopoly, then you raise the price. JDR's means of success was the same as public unions' means today. The technical development of oil drilling and refining was accomplished by men (yes, men) who were muscled out of their intellectual property by a shady little accountant from Cleveland.
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