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I disagree, there are many people, disabled and children it does help. However, taking food away will not change their voting habits. What will is compassion and JOBS. So many are losing their ever loving greedy minds these days and pushing potential votes for real change out the door. YOU WANT CHANGE AND VOTES? change your attitude.
I see, I didn't know this, however, I do know people who are on FS and they do not get near that amount and there is an income of 300 a month in the house for 2. Weird.
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TSA Humiliates Injured Marine

abryson Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 9:21 PM
2. Adults who receive food stamps is one thing, children who receive food stamps in another, more than half of the number receiving food stamps is Children this is very telling of our countries situation. No child should be hungry in this country.
1.Food stamps is a help but does not foot the bill, If people are buying stakes and lobster there is something most likely going on. This is why/ fact is, you actually do not get over 2.50 a person, Per DAY. In no state. This barely buys the staples much less extravagances.
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