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Love, Freedom And The 'War on Women'

abrown721 Wrote: May 21, 2012 11:29 AM
couldn't agree more. I actually do not work because of childcare and fuel expenses-chilcare for three children is insane, and the true war on women is treating them like children are punishments, and they are actually a blessing.

On his initial road to the White House, President Obama sold himself as "change we can believe in." A day after Mother's Day this year, he ran with that terminology in a commencement speech at Barnard, an all-women's college in New York. That he spoke at Barnard and not his neighboring alma mater of Columbia was, of course, by design. For the "change" at heart of his reelection campaign relies heavily on claiming that a war is being waged on women by those who oppose his radical, menacing health-care legislation.

During the commencement, it was made clear that he was...