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True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht: "Stunning Assault on Our Elections"

abowan Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 7:28 PM
While I strongly support Voter ID laws, I don't think they will solve the whole problem. The case of the Maryland Congressional candidate who regularly votes in two states is a case in point. We need a national database. That way, when you move, your previous registration is wiped out when you register in your new home and you wouldn't be registered in multiple state or districts. It would prevent people who own vacation home from voting with both addresses (one in person and the other by absentee) and it would prevent college students from voting with their home and school addresses.

As the issue of voter fraud heats up, specifically in Florida as the state purges dead and illegal voters from the rolls while Holder's DOJ tries to stop them, True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht is mobilizing thousands of volunteers to watch for voter fraud in November. She believes the Obama administration has launched a "stunning" assault on our elections and is working to restore integrity in the electoral process. Her organization is active in more than 30 states and has a goal of manning poll places, helping to clean up voter rolls, supporting Voter I.D. laws and more.