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Yo are the idiot, moron.
The correct question is If Obama could be President Why no Ted Cruz? I'm 100% confident that the Left will fight his eligibility (Cruz) with tooth and nail.
I'll never vote for Christie but less for a democRAT, if Christie is the option my vote will go Libertarian.
Jesus was as Socialist as he was Muslim. Don't tell Obama or we'll be converted by Executive Order.
"because Republicans simply didn’t have the votes" So what? DemocRats neither have the votes to fund it. What's the price? shutdown the Government? then go ahead, do it, it would be a big saving for the taxpayers and a good thing for the American people. Not to do it to avoid it is COWARDICE, COMPLICITY or both. DemocRats will be responsible for it no matter what the Lame Stream Media says. DemocRats says that if the shutdown happen Republicans never will win an election again. Seriously!!! you believe them? when DemocRats have been interested in Republicans wining elections?
If someone must be called a traitor are the complete DemocRAT Party & the Usurper of the Presidency Barack Hussein Obama. They are who are destroying this Country, they are who are implanting a Marxist Tyranny, they are who disrespect the Constitution of the United States of America, , they are the haters, they are the anti- American.
Hope this brave woman put a lawsuit to this moronic lib for assault & property damage, and the owners of the ad too.
In order to vote you must be U.S. citizen. To become U.S. citizen is mandatory to understand & speak English. So if your can vote means that you are a citizen and you know English. then, Why do you need assistant in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese or Filipino? to commit FRAUD
Obama is an illegal President who will be slurping up tax payer dollars for the rest of his life in retirement as a former disastrous President.
Of course Rubio can be President, I could be President if I were born in this great country, If Obama is President even Elmer Fudd could be President and better than him.
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