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The Stossel Solution

ABN-RGR Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 2:00 PM
"Wrong! It costs the taxpayers every time they have to pay a toll to drive over a road they have already paid for. It's taxation by other means." Really, how can you say that. If you drive on it, you pay a toll. No one is forcing you to drive on it. You are paying for a privilege, by paying a toll. Unlike our taxes, where I pay into a general fund that goes to fund things I don't know about, or people I don't want to assist or to pork projects in other states that don't benefit me even indirectly. If I want to fly, I pay for a ticket; if I want to shop, I buy only what I choose; if I want to eat, I buy the food I choose - and if I want to drive on a toll road, I will pay a toll. That is far preferable to being taxed to death!

In order to get the correct answer to anything, one must ask the right question. That is what former ABC News and current Fox News TV host John Stossel does on his weekly program. If ever there was "must see-TV," this is it.

Stossel's show on Saturday, June 30 was a classic. It was called "Government, Incorporated" and focused on what private industry can do less expensively and more efficiently than government. After watching it, I wondered why this isn't happening. Why does inefficient, costly and unresponsive government continue to grow while the people and companies that could do the work...