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I AM a Conservative. I am not in any way shape or form anti-Cruz. I am PRO- Cruz. It is just not his hour.
We are a lot worse off now than in Nov. 2014. There is a lot of buyer's remorse out there. Romney is much, much MORE POPULAR than HIl-liar-y Clinton. Romney campaigned hard in swing states in the recent elections and reaped voters. And every where Hil-liar-y went The dems were sure NOT to go. Everywhere she campaigned the Dem. candidate lost. Mitt is the best person to put in the WH. He should run. He will win. He will put dignity back into the Oval Office.
Cruz is barely elected to the Senate and he is running for President. Uhmm....Okay, good for Cruz for being conservative, that's a nice start. But we need him IN the SEANATE right now, not on the campaign trail. There is a lot of work to do. It is different when the senate is in a majority, which it is now, vs. a minority, what it has been the past few years. Now is the time for Senator Cruz to prove his leadership skills in the Senate. There is a lot to be done. Then he can run the state of TX as governor and THEN he can run for president. Being conservative is fantastic. We should continue to encourage him and keep an eye on him but he is too rookie for President at this time. In no way is he like BHO but the Democrat party should be seriously punished for a LONG time for putting an AMATEUR in the White House, which I realize is not his most serious of crimes. Cruz is not an adolescent in chief but he needs some executive experience.
Run Mitt Run! This is not Nov. 12, 2014. Since the last election, Romney has proven to be RIGHT....on: -the unraveling economy....check. -ISIS.....check. -Putin....check. Checkmate.
No, just tired. Good call, I read the headline sloppily and did not pay attention. I want pro-life Burton.
She will go the way of her predecessor. I already forgot her name.
Run, Mitt, Run!
Mark Steyn thinks in a similar vein:
This smells really strange." The hacking occurs during the exact moment of Pres. Stunts-and-Tricks Obama proclaims that he will be the "Protector" of our cyber-security.???? Like we buy this. ISIS is real. So is our stunt-ridden government. Beware of ISIS. Beware also of state-induced fear.
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Lessons from Paris

AbigailAdams4sure Wrote: Jan 12, 2015 4:44 PM
Spot On, Ron Paul! You are asking the right questions. May you always have the freedom to print them.
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