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Which should raise a lot questions re: our own border situation right now.
The article by Ian Tuttle at National Review: "Without a doubt, Holocaust denial constitutes a special type of insanity. What, then, about Holocaust endorsement? As Jewish leaders in France tell of the rise of a “new anti-Semitism,” French Jews find themselves caught between perpetrators of both extremes: those who say the Holocaust never happened and those who are calling for another." "On June 23, nearly two dozen assailants beat Jewish students at a library in Paris. Two students were stabbed. On June 19, protesters lobbed a Molotov cocktail into a demonstration in support of three Israeli teenagers kidnapped by members of Hamas, the terrorist organization that governs the Gaza Strip. The teenagers’ bodies were found later that month. On June 10, six assailants shot a Jewish teenager with a stun gun. On June 4, two Jewish teenagers in Paris reported being chased by four men, one of whom was wielding an axe. In all these cases the victims were wearing yarmulkes." What is this????? Holocaust 2.0??
"The reality is that Gaza, an unoccupied Palestinian state with its own elected government, is a terrorist state. It does not want to live in peace with Israel, no matter the borders. It refuses to accept ­Israel’s right to exist within any borders." ---Michael Goodwin, Fox News
Excellent summary of the problem.
Here's the problem: France is too lily livered to go into neighborhoods in France where Sharia Law reigns supreme. They won't convict some man who beheads his wife. So France now is not the France of 1942, demographically, religiously, or in any other way. The state is overrun by Islam, a position The Chosen One would like to lead us into today. It starts with what we say, what we tolerate.
" French Jews have witnessed an alarming uptick in anti-Semitic rhetoric and acts in recent days, as some anti-Israel fanatics abandon the pretense that their opposition to Israel is rooted in anything other than rank bigotry. Their quarrel isn't with the Jewish state; it's with Jews themselves." Yeah. So if the mob gets its way and Israel is wiped off the map, the hatred would not end. Meanwhile the rest of us, who are not Jews, should not stand by indifferently. We should learn a little from the Holocaust. We should be outspoken against the Isolate, Boycott, and Vilify Israel slogan that is starting to permeate America, no doubt endorsed by The Chosen One.
Flatulence: Israel belongs to the Jews. Israel = Jacob and descendants. Israel does not mean, in literal translation, Mohammed. Sorry. Go back and read the Bible. It would do you some good, especially the part where Jesus teaches that we should not call another "a fool" or equivalent. You also make the assumption that if Israel would just hand the land back to the so-called owners, there would not be a war. Wrong. If Israel were to be "wiped off the map" , having no stake in their homeland, they will continue to face hatred and cries for extermination. As we see in Europe right now. And have no where to go. Last I checked I did not see a "Boycott, Vilify, and Eliminate" Muslims banner anywhere. Last I checked, I did not see Muslims being targeted for death in museums and schoolyards. The hatred would grow, and the call for extermination would be so intense, even if in your misunderstanding of the world, the property were returned to its so-called rightful owner. It is about envy and its evil twin hatred ---and has nothing to do with returning land. As soon as that would happen it would be an even wider open season on Jews. Some of non-Jews just are not buying into the lies. Good article, Dennis.
And, speaking of murder, how long before terrorists, come in through our porous borders?
Or how would any country respond?
GUY BENSON: RE: "With many critics within the anti-Israel international community dishonestly and predictably casting Israel as the disproportionate aggressor, top Israeli officials are pushing back with a public relations offensive. " Yeah, my neighbor was over here yesterday ranting about the slogan, Isolate, Vilify, and Boycott Israel --- or whatever it is. Ticks me off. I did not feel "armed enough" with information to defend Israel, except my husband was able to say that his friend, who is neutral and non-Israeli , lived in Iraq for several years and the culture there is to lie. Lie, lie, lie, about anything. It is a systemic part of the culture in the Arab world. That was all we could say, is that we simply did not believe anything coming out of Hamas. But as far as specific information goes, I kind of felt like I was caught unprepared. ****So please keep these articles coming so that we can administer the truth whenever we have the opportunity. Thank you! Abigail
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Film Critics Hate 'America'

AbigailAdams4sure Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 11:07 AM
Harold of Galactucus wrote: "In reality, America has both good and bad qualities. It can be argued that liberals focus too much on the bad, but by the same token, it can be argued that conservatives focus too much on the good. " Did you even SEE the film? D'Souza talks extensively about how America has had some flaws (like slavery) --but we have a constitution that enables us to address and fix problems. To say nothing of our altruistic spirit.
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