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Lois Learner says she has no remorse, plays the victim card. A textbook example of a narcissist and sociopath.
Preventing national voter registration ID = voter fraud Trying to sign up underage high school students to vote (as my daughter was)= voter fraud "Voter Registration Set-ups" at college campuses, allowing students to often vote twice = voter fraud People showing up to vote at the last minute to vote for the no-shows = voter fraud, And last but not least, when there are 544 people registered to vote in any given area, but 767 people voted, we have a problem, people...
*** And the other item i would add on the Republican T0-DO list: BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT TO END VOTER FRAUD. Do not be naive in making the assumption that we have certain areas "sewed up". Part of the reason Romney lost the election was simply that we belong to a nation that sold its soul. The other reason is that the floodgates of dead, illegal, and dog voters opened and fraud took over. Join True the Vote and do your part to secure the integrity of the election process where you live. Voter Fraud is more rampant and more emboldened than you think it is. And one of the reasons the Dems are so smug. To really win we have to win by landslides. As Hugh Hewitt says, if it's not even close they can't cheat.
ISIS should know that murdering the pope would create a martyr, a saint, and the Catholic Church would emerge stronger and more united than ever before. Bad plan, ISIS. Back to the drawing board.
Cummings: well trained by the Committee to Elect Hillary 2014
Re: " "The analogy we use around here sometimes -- and I think is accurate -- is if a JV team puts on Lakers uniforms, that doesn't make them Kobe Bryant. I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of (an Osama) bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian." Some people lie for so long that they themselves cannot discern between truth and falsehood from their own lips. Truth becomes a very shifty and relative position to them. And therefore illusive.
A Primer for the Increasingly less informed voter, especially the young ones, coming out of high school uneducated like never before and taught to parrot liberal ideology: When you are voting for President of the United States you are voting for the Commander-in-Chief. Think, People. So next time, please pick a world leader who will not plunge the globe into chaos. Peace = Carrying a Big Stick [---Theodore Roosevelt] THINK ABOUT IT!!!
The problem is not Romney, and never was. The problem is that we belong to a country that has sold its soul.
I am glad Romney is speaking to help in the Senate races. The networks SHOULD be saying, "Romney was right" and pushing the buyers' remorse. ESPECIALLY on the Foreign Policy issues. It's not about pushing Romney---he has said repeatedly he is NOT running, so all the insults thrown at him from the right won't help. It's not about getting him to run. It's about waking up the ignoramus masses who should have kept their ignorant rear ends on the sofa last election. Because they chose not to, we have a tyrant in the WH worse than George III.
Recognize this for what it is: a movement by the pro same-sex marriage to justify the "open marriage" concept, as same-sex marriages are statistically likely to be very, very, open. So introducing the "open" concept to the heterosexual population further dilutes the value of traditional marriage. Which was the point all along, to dilute the definition of marriage all the way to meaninglessness. Nothing like full speed peddle-to-the-metal car-over-a-cliff and into the cauldron of hell. That's where we are.
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