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Good for Ohio! I hope other treasurers and state govs. are taking copious notes. If trends can have a domino effect for ill (such as passing marijuana laws, for example), then why not put peer pressure trends on state governments for some transparency and accountability?
Gov. Scott Walker lacks a college education. He would need to select a running mate who has one.
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A SOTU Over Before Its Begun

AbigailAdams4sure Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 6:04 PM
When Joni Ernst comes on to do the rebuttal, I'll turn on the TV.
Read my posts going back 10 years. Get your lens corrected.
Exactly. We NEED him in the senate right now at a critical time. Then he can prove himself as Gov. of the State of TX. THEN he can be pres. With all of that experience that he will have had at that point, who will stop him?
I agree. Ron Paul never did win, but at least he played a role in the discussion. Santorum and Huckabee just absorb dollars, muddy the waters, and get in the way. Plus they are both super annoying. As politicians. They can comment all they want off the campaign trail. But for now they should get out of the way and let the real runners run.
He needs to run a state. He needs executive experience, I agree. My position on Cruz: Not Yet.
Discuss the issues. Name calling is just another way of saying I-can't argue-against-your-points. So I'm just going to call you names. And I am about as much a comrade as you are.
Cruz is a good guy, but he is no Framer. Or Farmer, for that matter.
I AM a Conservative. I am not in any way shape or form anti-Cruz. I am PRO- Cruz. It is just not his hour.
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