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Science, Sex and Birth Control

abennett437 Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 1:45 PM
Sounds like someone who never met a contraceptive he didn't long as the female is burdened with the side-effects. Before you make extravagant claims about contraceptive's "safety", read the PDR to note the adverse effects. Better yet, look up the same drug in successive editions of the PDR to see how recommendations have evolved and loosened to match political correctness. And yes, I'm a Registered Nurse.

Democrats claim we have one party that upholds science and one that rejects it. When it comes to climate change, presidential polling, evolution and other topics, we are told, Republicans have no use for actual experts. They'd rather listen to Rep. Michele Bachmann, who claimed the HPV vaccine causes mental retardation.

But today, I'm glad to report the Democratic charge has been discredited. We don't have a pro-science party and an anti-science party. We have two anti-science parties.

That's the clear implication of the controversy over Plan B, the "morning-after" pill that is used to avert pregnancy after unprotected sex. The GOP and...