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Inevitable: The Left Trashes Margaret Thatcher

Abe Froman Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 6:23 PM
Color me unsurprised. Read Thomas Sowell's "A Conflict of Visions." People on the Left -- people of what Sowell calls "the unconstrained vision," often CANNOT disagree respectfully. You get some of that from their ideological opponents -- people of "the constrained vision" -- but not nearly as much. It's far, far more common for leftists to be unable to disagree with you and remain civil to you. They regard you not just as someone who disagrees about how best to achieve the desired goal of a better, more civil society, but as a bad person, a moral defective, and therefore someone who is to be spit upon.
DanB_Tiffin Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 6:37 PM
Great book. leftist elites see themselves as superior, So, everyone else must be inferior. They won't say that their "pets" are actually inferior but that is what they believe. That is what their actions say.

One of the UK Telegraph's in-house Labourites, Dan Hodges, urged his comrades on the Left to maintain their dignity in the wake of Margaret Thatcher's death earlier today:

Everyone on the Left is being scrutinised today. Does the compassion we claim to be our driving force extend to the passing of a frail 87-year-old woman? Does the Labour movement’s dignity and discipline enable us to mark with appropriate solemnity the death of a former Prime Minister who successfully secured three independent mandates from the people? Do we have the basic good grace and wisdom to...