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I think traffic jams will be more likely. Due to 20 mph in a 55 zone
i scan my finger to clock in at work, and to log in to my computer. maybe we should vote that way also.
I thought the Koch brothers were you best friends.
I believe that. They know our politics too, so I don't think they will hit with Obama still in office, they'll wait for a republican president so people will loose confidence and elect another liberal to make our border even flimsier.
If I was a terrorist and wanted to hit the US, where would I go? BINGO! Mexico.
These people don't give a s@#t about the guy getting shot, just an excuse to steal, and destroy hard working families property. We may never know the truth. But what we do know is that if the cop walks, even if he is truly innocent, there will be more thugs using the verdict as an excuse to be thugs. Lets just change the law now to read, "If a white person kills any minority regardless of the reason it is murder."
No they probably wouldn't come, however it doesnt make sense that we will send troops to the middle east take down brutal dictators, to liberate the people and let them form a democracy, but we do nothing to hold the leaders of our neighbors accountable for this. Though I would love to take the world and cradle them, we cant. It isnt feasible.
Gov. Walker is a treat. It seems to me like they are desperately trying to eliminate competition. Before its all over Jeb will be the only one left. God forbid.
Yes and I wouldn't be surprised if she won because of that. It worked for Barrack.
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