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Gov. Walker is a treat. It seems to me like they are desperately trying to eliminate competition. Before its all over Jeb will be the only one left. God forbid.
Yes and I wouldn't be surprised if she won because of that. It worked for Barrack.
Look at the people nodding in the audience. They look like zombies. No wonder this country is screwed. Come on people, even if you are Democrats, This doesn't throw up a red flag for you?
I hope there is another election in 2016, I have a fear there wont be. Really hope I;m just paranoid,
Common core politics. " You say it is a lie but, if you look at it this way it is the truth. There is no wrong answer." It depends on how YOU interpret it. There are no losers. We are all winners here. =) . we all get a trophy! Yea!
You can't possibly expect the truth from pols most of them are lawyers for goodness sakes. C'mon!
Welcome to Utopia!
"The President has requested has requested increases in the budget for the VA every year he's been in office in a time of very tight budgets." That last part kills me LOL In a time of very tight budgets. What tight budgets?
They need a US Dept. of Personal Hygiene To regulate how we wipe our butts. Maybe Nancy Pelosi can be the head of that department.
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Shots Fired on Capitol Hill?

Aaron_69 Wrote: Oct 03, 2013 6:22 PM
Mark my word it will come out of someones mouth.
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