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Americans Remember Pearl Harbor

Aaron_69 Wrote: Dec 07, 2014 8:30 PM
Look here NacySKnight ! Can you be any more disrespectful to those who served by putting your garbage spam on a post!
Well my neighbors mothers mothers fathers uncles niece's nephew's sisters brothers best friends dad made more than your neighbors mother.
Maybe it is Common Core math.
The Democrats are there to Spin and Lie to protect their own. And because Dems are involved in this the spin will be a republican witch hunt. Its disgusting. But what is even more disgusting is the fact that more then 30 % believe the lies. That's not disgusting its scary. What is wrong with people? Maybe a zombie apocalypse is real. they are more concerned about staying in power then they are about letting the truth to why American lives were lost. Shameful! The Dems are going as far as accusing the guys on the ground, who disobeyed orders to save lives liars. Its sickening. Regardless of the politics, BOTH sides should want to the truth out. Stop toying with our lives for Politics!
I think traffic jams will be more likely. Due to 20 mph in a 55 zone
i scan my finger to clock in at work, and to log in to my computer. maybe we should vote that way also.
I thought the Koch brothers were you best friends.
I believe that. They know our politics too, so I don't think they will hit with Obama still in office, they'll wait for a republican president so people will loose confidence and elect another liberal to make our border even flimsier.
If I was a terrorist and wanted to hit the US, where would I go? BINGO! Mexico.
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