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Congratulations to Dr Adams. His columns are one of my favorites. As these were "public" employees violating his rights, is there not a criminal act being committed here also?
They dragged my kids out of school and my wife out of work. As they were unanimous in thier opinion that Dad sometimes spouts off but he never hurts us. When I found out what happened, I went charging down to the CPS office. I got the usual bureacratic run around. I laid it on the line. I told him I knew I could not sue him. I also knew I could not have him prosecuted. He smiled at me. I asked him if he could run 850 fps. The dummy asked what that means, I told him that I would hold him personally responsible for his actions against my family. the dumb *** finally figured out that he would not make it out of his office before he met justice
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Gun Industry Begins to Fight Back

aardvarkbullets Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 7:33 PM
I have been in the gun business for 25+ years and I have always said the solution to bad gun laws is to CUT THE GOVERNMENT OFF. No guns, ammunition, parts or service till they repeal the bad laws. If they did it right now they would not even feel an economic impact as there is such shortages that the citizens would buy up everything they could manufacture. Then the government would truly find out who is supposed to be in charge.
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