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Surprised how? This lame brained administration won't do anything at the border, why would anyone come after them
Opps. Ending was Close to losing the house
There's nothing in this about the GOP eating their own....too bad because you lost me because of it. Once you look at ALL conservatives as part of the same team, you will never win again Oh...note to Reince. Rather than come up with principles...which are the same each election. Come up with a plan that you can explain on how you're going to do it. Till then youre nothing but democrat light. My prediction...GOP takes the Senate this year then royaly Fs it up because as usual they will do nothing, let Obama run all over them and they lose more of their base. In 2016 they put up a lame candidate like Bush or someone they think deserves it...democrats get back the senate, presidency and close to getting the house
The reason you haven't heard from him is because he is a fowl mouthed imbecile that thinks he's a comedian. Do yourself a favor and try to sit through 10 minutes of his act and you will see there is a very large vacuum between his ears. As the article says he is a D list actor and that's giving him praise
And most liberals are wondering what happened. The sign said no guns
Hey Rockie...you may be right on what we think. Anyone with an ounce of brains doesn't like his color.....Red. As for what we think of loony leftists that throw around the race baiting such that racist only means you don't like someone's politics....we think you're an imbecile
I honestly think Benghazi will go not much farther. This administration will stall and deflect and others than Gowdy, there aren't many more GOPers with a spine. They are too busy sucking up to Obama, going after the tea party and begging Bush to run so he could lose the election
Lately I'm amazed at the growing outrage at this president. Where was everyone at the elections? Didn't vote or is it such there are too many low IQ boobleheads that they cancelled out our vote. I certainly hope everyone that makes a post against president zerO gets some friends to take our displeasure at how these demoncrats are destroying our country and vote every demon and RINO out of office in November. We need to hamstring zerO with a republican house and senate that will have the balls to impeach the criminal if he continues these unconstitutional travesties
All it ever is is accusations. Fast and furious,.. Bengazi..., IRS,..spying.....and on and on. The accusers are nothing more than enablers Its time we get rid of the accusers as well as the rapists in 2014 .
I was wondering when the one word, "idiot" would be back on the scene. Glad he's back for our amusement on how stupid progressives are
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