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On Earth Day, I Expanded My Carbon Footprint

A American Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 4:30 PM
They should not do anything. I have a house on a lake and we went to a grinder system to keep the lake clean and shut down all septic systems. we pay for erosion control to keep silt out of the lake. the lawns are natural for most of the homes and no type of fertilizer is used.

To celebrate “earth day” this year, I decided that I would do what the Obama administration just hasn’t been able to figure out: I would stimulate the economy by the conscious expansion of my carbon footprint.

So I ran the air conditioning for a while in my house.

I also turned all the lights on in the house. Well, actually, I just didn’t turn off the lights my kids turned on. Through this process of reverse attrition, at one point, all the lights in the house eventually were on.

I call this Ransom’s Law: The amount of lights...