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Getting Back the Minutes I Wasted on Liberal Logic

A American Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 11:38 AM
How about we just cut government expenses by 50%. then we wont have to worry about more taxes. lets start with governemnt paying for officials vacations. then go to lifetime benfits. Now lets work on the size of the socialist organizations that just eat up wasted tax dollars. Now lets talk about welfare and SS fraud. By the way, if we went to a flat tax the IRS woud be smaller and clear cut rules. You can argue about taxes forever and until you cut the waste there will never be enough money to feed the monster that has been created.
Hawker 1 Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 12:12 PM
The lawyer politicans won't like that to simple and Citizens might just understand it vs. 3000 page bills drawn up by lawyer politicans.
dahni Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 11:55 AM
Too clear, concise and applicable to be acceptable to the politicians.

OK, so there are many readers who have better things to do than enjoy Townhall Finance on Sundays.

I can't imagine that's true but, then I don't understand a world that celebrates Ralph Nader, Jerry Brown or Donald Trump- yet alone takes them seriously politically.

I guess it's true however that my Sunday readers enjoy what long-time readers call Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers. It's what we orginally called my Sunday mailbag piece until I stopped being lazy and came up with new names for it every Sunday.  

I republish last Sunday's edition here so that those of you busy filling out...

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