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loops..... sorry, his lips!!! Can we give him a ticket to the middle of hell???? I wouldn't even burden the kenyons with this IDIOT!!!
Thank you... I keep watching his nose get bigger and bigger.... I lost sight of his nose!!
NOT the illegals..... they are a drain on ANY government plan.... too busy holding their crotches and stomping all over the American flag they threw in the streets of Phoenix!!!
As far as I am concerned: LIAR, LIAR.... PANTS ON FIRE!!!
AND the Black Pinocchio's nose grew another inch!!! Already it is the most outstanding piece of his body.... if you are interested in that!!! Most of us feel a hoodlum can be removed from his environment, but the environment CAN NOT be removed from the hoodlum!!! Chicago idiots in full rampage in our white house, funded with our money while we still try to support our families!!! How ever did this IDIOT get this far..... oh, sorry, I forgot about reid and pelosi!!! The 3 studios!!! COME ON AMERICA.... SURELY NOT ALL OF US ARE THIS STUPID!!!
Be sure you tell Boehner to get OUT OF THE WAY!!!! You can bet we are NOT going to do anything to help him stay as the empty chair used at the GOP convention!! What a disappointment he has been and continues to be. We need LEADERS.... take the turd to court... IMPEACH THE TURD!!!
Tell me the truth, if you know what the word means.... ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID????? Please don't tell me it's the air in Washington.... That city and your unscrupulus moral tenet made you rich...AND arrogant!!! RETIRE... the only good thing about you.... you make me very, very, very happy to say I'm NOT from California!!!
Right on!!! Has she replaced the black belt under her boobs thingy???? That made her look like a cow... hence the popular moooooooochelle!!!
Before you play the blame game, know what you are talking about. Black pinocchio is only talking out of one side of his mouth.... HE LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING, SO YOUR SOURCE IS POLLUTED!!!
The contents of the free lunch concerns me... mind altering drugs?? test material??? sterilization drugs??? Whoever prepares the food can insert anything they want... black pinocchio ate dog... they think it is alright and will keep the cost down so they can play golf or take half the world on vacation paid for by bankrupt Americans.... Thank you, Idiot in chief !!!
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