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Holder's behavior is criminal at best. the sad part is that we have no representation that would put a choke collar on Obozo's dog.
Indeed they would.... to the point they shut EVERYONE who disagrees with them.
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Poverty and Snow Storms

A_Nobody Wrote: May 20, 2014 10:38 AM
Amen Dr. Sowell. Well stated. I know people on both sides of that line, and that line knows no race boundaries. What's sad to me is that how those who actually do work and become successful, perhaps only in their eyes which is all that's necessary, are looked down upon by those who stay downtrodden because those who succeed by hard work are no longer "one of us".
You know it, John, and many of us know it. Getting our representation to do something about it is the problem. Can you imagine the outrage if a conservative has done all the BS Obama has done?
No, Pelousi, we're tired of hearing you and the rest of the Democratic liars in the country. That includes all from Obozo down to the most ignorant voters.
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Settled Science Brakes Into Cold Sweat

A_Nobody Wrote: May 14, 2014 4:48 PM
Amen, John.
Not. He lied so much while in Washington, why would he believe we'd believe him now? As Ransom said in an earlier piece (paraphrasing), 'It's in times of stress that a man's true character shows.' Timmy's is vacant.
Amen to that....if he even let the bill to the floor.
???? Just what planet are you from??
Having grown up in Connellsville, near Johnstown, I totally agree with Michael. There are many of those in the area envious of the rich and blame them for their ills without giving thought to their own responsibility.....one reason I left the area. Those same people expect others, including government, to "make it right" instead of taking the responsibility to do so on their own. I speak from experience because 9 out of 10 (siblings) who grew up poor worked our way out of it (comfortable but not necessarily rich, I'd say). The one who didn't made her choice and lives with it without complaint.
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