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Paul Ryan's Speech: Too Much Debt, Not Enough Growth

A7 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 11:06 PM
So, what will you do? Vote for Obama again? Or just drop out & not vote at all? You know, this two party system has been a disappointment for as long as I've been alive. Bottom line is: it's failed because we "ordinary citizens" have left it to the "professionals" to do the tedious work of governing us. What did we expect, really? This whole thing will not turn around by annointing some kind of Tea Party King to lead us to some Promised Land. Our country will turn around when we "ordinary citizens" decide to commit -- to inconvenience ourselves by getting involved in our own governance. Period.

Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan gave a powerful speech Wednesday that repeatedly brought conventioneers at the Republican National Convention in Tampa to their feet.  I am going to give him high marks for his speech’s delivery.  

Ryan, in typical fashion, seriously and analytically ripped apart the Obama Economy, what has been called Obamanomics.  He ripped it to pieces, and it needed to be done.  But most especially, he ripped apart Obamacare.  Ryan also did his level best to defend the Republicans against the usual attacks on Medicare reform—that is, what the Democrats call “Mediscare”.  

However, I was disappointed that his economic...