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Obama Versus Obama: Part IV

a234 Wrote: Sep 29, 2012 10:16 AM
Liberal news flash..... wait for it....George W. Bush did it !!!! Surprise, obama couldn't fix it. obama only made it worse. That's the reason obama gives to re-elect him. And yet, for much of the country, the attitude seems to be, "Yeah, but at least he's not George W. Bush."
During the same week when the American ambassador to Libya was murdered and his dead body dragged through the streets by celebrating mobs, the President of the United States found time to go on the David Letterman show to demonstrate his sense of humor and how cool he is.

But Barack Obama did not have time to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of a nation repeatedly threatened with annihilation by Iranian leaders, who are working feverishly toward the creation of nuclear bombs.

This was an extraordinary thing in itself, something that probably no other President of the United States...