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There's a classic headline. To paraphrase; we won't know who won the elections until after the elections.
Or New Jersey, or Mass, or RI, or Delaware, or Conn, or ......
It's capital gains. Just like anyone else that invests and makes money on investments they pay a capital gains tax it's a 20% rate. Oh,.... guess what. obama only paid 20% on a $600,000 income last year. An income tax rate of 20%? Why didn't he pay his fair share? Anybody making more than $250,000 should be paying full freight of 39.6%. Why didn't obama pay the full percentage?
Me too. I'm having two whoppers. Anything that takes money away from the greedy politicians is OK with me.
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Is Senator Hagan Getting Nervous?

a234 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 6:42 PM
He's up again in 2016. Will Arizona re-elect this cretin?
She's just obama with a vagina. Wait... maybe they both have a vagina.
The most costly lie is obamacare. It's going to kill more Americans than the Iraq war and it's going to cost a heck of a lot more.
My pain is when soccer is on TV at my bar.
This guy, hickey or whatever, didn't know about it until he read it in the paper. Just like obammy
My guess is he rides side saddle.
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