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Shepherds and Sheep

A.30 Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 8:11 AM
Dr. Sowell I always appreciate your posts but you do know you are preaching to the choir. Please don't stop because if you can reach just one misguided indivudual it is all worth it.
Rich D. Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 8:19 AM
It's more than that - it steels the resolve of those of us here and gives us material to use. It's up to all of us to spread the word to the under- and uninformed voters.
John Stuart Mill's classic essay "On Liberty" gives reasons why some people should not be taking over other people's decisions about their own lives. But Professor Cass Sunstein of Harvard has given reasons to the contrary. He cites research showing "that people make a lot of mistakes, and that those mistakes can prove extremely damaging."

Professor Sunstein is undoubtedly correct that "people make a lot of mistakes." Most of us can look back over our own lives and see many mistakes, including some that were very damaging.

What Cass Sunstein does not tell us is what sort of creatures, other than people, are...