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Is Secession a Good Idea?

Multiculturalist Socialist Obama Criminal Outlaw Administration has created a clear pathway for any of the50 States to secede from the Union mostly by the Obama Crime Syndicate knowingly deliberately intentionally ignoring evading distorting perverting subverting violating&breaking parts of the10th Amend.&Article4& many parts of the other AmendmentsTOO MANY TOO LIST HEREwhich is violating&breaking a LEGAL&LAWFUL MUTUALLY BINDING CONTRACT that cuts both ways accurately known as the Constitution&the Amendments to the Constitution resulting in Treason Tyranny&Sedition against any of the 50 States.Its Obama's Criminal Outlaw Federal Government that has seceded from the Union which gives the States the PRECEDENT to MUTUALLY secede from the Union
9th&10thAmendmentStateSovereignty Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 5:26 AM
Whoops or oops! I'm breaking in a new computer and I accidentally tapped the send key twice which explains the double or duplicate comments posted above. And an itchy trigger finger!!! And of course I should have correctly typed TOO MANY TO LIST HERE!

I’m not talking about secession in the United States, where the issue is linked to the ugliness of slavery (though at least Walter Williams can write about the issue without the risk of being accused of closet racism).

But what about Europe? I have a hard time understanding why nations on the other side of the Atlantic should not be allowed to split up if there are fundamental differences between regions. Who can be against the concept of self-determination?

Heck, tiny Liechtenstein explicitly gives villages the right to secede if two-thirds...