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No "Real Progress" from Obama on Jobs

97531LZ Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 10:07 PM
We don't know what the true jobs report is. The BLS has been using fictional figures, especially in July 2012 and the September 2012 reports. When the economy has been growing at 1.2% per quarter, that is bleak. Maybe the lesson is: America can't afford to have an affirmative-action president. Also, the president needs to be truly vetted. [When 70% of all GM cars are built in China and Obama gives almost all our 600,000 manufacturing jobs to China as well, we should question his motives.]

Unsurprisingly Barack Obama says the November jobs report from the Labor Department proves that "We have made real progress" with job creation and economic recovery. 

Really?  Does he believe this, or did he watch another video with Hillary Clinton? Somehow reality and the truth seem to consistently escape this President.

Had Barack Obama removed his rose-colored glasses for just a moment he might have noticed that there are now 209,000 more people unemployed than in January, 2009 – the month he took office. 

He also might have noticed that the number of people unemployed increased by...

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