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Will Palm Beach Teacher’s 4th Serious Arrest Finally Result in Her Firing?

954 Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 9:47 AM
Like that African saying goes about raising a child, "It takes a village", I propose a similar one for the teacher's Union (or any Union for that matter), called "It takes a Union" to protect a lawbreaker and ingrate. In almost any profession, the woman would've been long gone, but the Teacher's Union is special at protecting incompetence. It takes a Union!!

What does it take to get a teacher fired in the Palm Beach County school district?

Consider the case of Palm Beach County school teacher Mary Maloney, who has been arrested at least four times on a variety of charges, including drunk driving and battery.

Her latest arrest earlier this month – her second for alleged drunk driving - included an allegation that she offered the officer a sex act in exchange for letting her go. At the scene, she refused to undergo a sobriety test, so she was charged, according to WPBF.

In offering the sex act, Maloney allegedly told...