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If God Doesn’t Judge Us, He’ll Have to Apologize to Sodom

954 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 11:01 AM
Trust team members like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? That's not a display of good sense, that's being delusional. Most of us who oppose Obama do so because we have profound philosophical differences with the direction he's taking the country. The man had no experience whatsoever with the ship of state, yet people like you think we should trust him while he steers it into the rocks.

I have to admit that when Obama “won” re-election I became more depressed than Madonna’s audience was when they were forced to watch her strip the other night. For God’s sake, Madonna, put some material on that mess, material girl. I guess she’s going to follow Cher’s path and torture us with her exhibitionism ‘til she takes the big dirt nap. Like a virgin? Yeah … right. More like a sturgeon. Hang it up, Madge … you’re scaring the children. Anyway, back to my post-election depression.

As I was saying, giddy I was not that Obama secured a second term via...