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Academic Fraud and Big Time College Sports

954 Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 4:12 PM
Harvard, as well as the other Ivies, do not give out athletic scholarships. They have huge endowments, so there's money available for for student grants, but you have to be good enough academically to get into the school in order to play football there. You won't see Quantavious playing running back there anytime soon. In fact, regardless of what you might think of Ivy league schools, that's where you'll find the real "student athletes". As for the other 99.999% of the schools that do, it doesn't take a long conversation with any "student athlete" to realize that they are merely pretend students; most leave without coming close to earning a "degree" of any kind.
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Allow Me to Introduce You to... Liberal Chick

954 Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 3:50 PM
LOL!! A conservatives worst nightmare? She couldn't scare a frog off of a lily pad. She had her fifteen minutes--move on folks, nothing to see here.
Wait a minute here. Everybody who sells a few books and gets hypnotized by the glare of television lights is not Presidential material. What business, military or political experience does he have? Has he ever held office before? If so, in what capacity? He may be a fine man, and have the interests of the country at heart, but you don't get promoted from mail room to CEO--you work to get there.
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Max Allen: Chief Divisiveness Officer

954 Wrote: Oct 20, 2014 9:43 AM
So-called "diversity offices" and "officers" afflict nearly every college and university in this nation. Most are nothing but grossly overpaid bureaucratic hacks who have little to do besides issue an occasional press release, comment on some inane campus issue, or get trotted out in public when a situation arises that requires an "official" comment before it gets brushed aside. Scratch the surface, and you'll find those positions have virtually no job description. Third string, bureaucratic bench warmers making the salaries of experienced surgeons. Those useless positions are, in large part, the reason so many colleges and universities have raised tuition costs so dramatically over the years.
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Hillary Clinton Walks on a Cloud

954 Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 1:26 PM
Hillary will never be President because she will crash and burn under the relenting pressure of a campaign-- if she doesn't fall and hit her head again first. Bubba can write her speeches, coach her and hold her hand, but won't be able to stand at the podium with her under debates and heavy fire. The Clintons are absolutely power mad, especially Bubba, and he simply will not give up until he's back in the White house, even as first husband.
I still can't believe they gave an academy award to her for her role in "Shakespeare in Love". She was up against four of the most talented actresses in the world (all of them English I believe, and all far more talented than she is) and they gave it to her. Pampered since birth, but apparently not very well educated. She reminds me of the idiot Pelosi.
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Umm: Where is Kim Jong Un?

954 Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 10:10 AM
He's with Waldo.
The obsequious fawning is enough to make anyone gag. I'm no fan of Obama, or most politicians for that matter, but to have to wade through these fund raising sewers and listen to such nonsense with a straight face would be beyond most people. Prostitutes have more ethics.
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Liberals Storm California's Bedrooms

954 Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 8:53 AM
Another incredibly idiotic move my California politicians, and their equally stupid governor. With all the legal complications behind it, it's the equivalent of finding a hornet's nest to play with just for fun.
I personally never listen to him or believe what comes out of his mouth, but there's something wrong when a so-called President and self-described Christian never misses a chance obsequiously kiss Muslim a**. Christians and Jews are being slaughtered daily by these savages and he never misses a chance to praise the "religion of peace". There has to be more to it--he's hiding something big and it smells.
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