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Guns In Bars

88wrenchman Wrote: Nov 25, 2013 8:56 AM
...namely that there is still absolutely no right to carry for those who have even a single drop of alcohol in their system. Is this NC statute?
They do #1 every time, they are out to lunch on #2, but their biggest problem is that when they do win, they try to out-democrat the democrats. Remember 2002-2006?
Agree Homer--basic math advises against a 3rd party, better to disinfect the party you have.
Good assumption. Conservatives that bothered to vote did not vote for mccain or Romney because they wanted to.
Irrelevant question. Of course. I would take a broken toilet seat over Obama. The real question might be, would Christie have beat Obama in 12? I doubt it, mostly for the same reasons Romney lost, and also why Christie will lose to almost any democrat in 16.
Nice John, Goldi the bomb thrower gets a three-fer. I know there's a troll shortage but encouraging a bomb thrower is really counter to the cause. Any meaningful discussion gets driven to the ditch once Mr. red herring shows up.
Despite what has been said in this interesting trilogy (Hunter, Burger, and Mediaite article), anyone I personally know that is a self-described libertarian does not, in fact, vote for the republican. They always vote for the L candidate "to send a message". Unfortunately, the message is, "we don't understand electoral math and are OK with the idea of losing to prove it". If they were really wanting to advance the cause of liberty they might curb their egos a bit. There is no doubt that the republican party needs housecleaning. The conservative wing could sure use some help with that.
Another losertarian that is highly principled but doesn't understand (electoral) math.
I think $541/month is too high to park your car. And everyone needs a place to park their car. Look out for the next government entitlement: Democrapark: We will charge everyone in the US $200/month to park your car, and if you don't have a car, we'll only fine you $30/month because you are a free-rider in someone else's car.
feral marching race pimps… Now that's funny right there, I don't care who ya are
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