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That girl was close to tears but showed him nothing but respect. What a tough guy. Rosa Parks has nothing on him.
And during Katrina--unless the cops had already seized their guns.
And you notice the wet fish interviewing him didn't have the man-marbles to ask him that.
And you would have been the only chance anyone in the theater had. This idiot surrendered in the parking lot as soon as someone pointed a gun back at him. He was looking for a large group of helpless people and found them. Anybody know if the theater had one of those "no guns allowed" signs on the door? I'd wager they did.
"They tell the country, the economy is still bad and its Obama's fault. " Perish the thought. We all know its Bush's fault!
We have met the enemy and it is us.
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A Murder of One

85cards Wrote: May 14, 2012 10:17 AM
Can my six year old survive on his own? No. He lacks the skills to earn money and hasn't learned yet to be proficient in hunting/gathering. The liberal argument for self-sufficiency is so full of logical holes it is plainly obvious that the one fact in it is this: a dead fawn is something they can see and it makes them feel sad. A dead baby, same thing. As long as a fetus is murdered in-womb, they can't hear it scream and it is quickly disposed of...well...than that is a mtter of a mother's choice.
I cannot believe they haven't yet. This garbage being touted as Catholiscism by influential people is as dangerous as it gets.
This is a real danger. Liberal politics as well as liberal theology trying to hijack the tenets of conservative Christian Church teachings has got to be called out and stopped. Why isn't the Roman Church coming down on people like her?
Keeping the lower class poor, dependent and hating anyone who is not also poor is a liberal staple.
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