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Video: This is What Republican Enthusiasm Looks Like

8411c Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 7:13 PM
They don't realize it, but all the frightened little media presstitutes are doing is making sure everyone who opposes Owebambi gets to the polls. I hope they keep on stepping in it right up to the election. They don't seem to realize the sun doesn't rise and set on their "news" since they squandered their public trust to put Owebambi in office in 2008.

In Wednesday's deep dive into the polls, we spilled a fair amount of virtual ink analyzing the ultimate composition of the 2012 electorate.  A major component of this calculus is party unity and enthusiasm.  Since there's no shortage of Republican negativity at the moment, I figured I'd share a video I stumbled upon of a Romney event in suburban Denver from earlier this week.  The Denver Post reported that an estimated 7,000 supporters welcomed the GOP nominee for an outdoor evening rally at a local high school: