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Rand Paul Endorses Denny Rehberg in Montana Senate Race

8411c Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 8:02 PM
Why? You'd help the liberals put Tester back in office by voting for him? I wouldn't help a liberal with the time of day. I used to be nicer, but that was pre-Obama. Now I'm just a mean old Montana grizzly clinging to my guns and religion.

Over the weekend Sen. Rand Paul endorsed GOP Rep. Denny Rehberg in his bid against Democratic Sen. Jon Tester for Montana’s Senate seat. The race is a dead heat, although a Mason-Dixon poll on Sunday showed the Republican challenger up, 49-45.

"America is at a crossroads," Rand Paul said today. "That's why I, along with my father, Ron Paul, have endorsed Denny Rehberg for Senate. Because we know that if you help Denny defeat liberal Senator Jon Tester, Harry Reid and his liberal allies will no longer control the Senate."

Senator Paul continued,"Denny Rehberg will vote...