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Without the bureaucracy the politicians are just...full of hot feces.
Yeah, it was too freaking bad the Feds just couldn't take their show of force to the border, huh? They spent 3 million on this little caper, three times as much as they "claim" Bundy owes, but they can't spare a man for this country's borders.
What company of thieves are you speaking of: most of Congress, the squatter in the White House and his entire administration? How about Harry Reid and Son? How about Reid's former BFF, Neil Kornze? Those thieves? Or the Obama CyberWarriors like yourself, paid a smidge above minimum wage to spread propaganda?
Excuse me, but if the Feds wanted to pursue all legal recourse peacefully, all they had to do was file a lien against Bundy's assets. They were required to do so legally. That was the next step. But they didn't want to follow the law, did they? Following the law is too slow to line Harry Reid and Son's pockets with Chinese money, isn't it? Better a show of force, another tiny escalation in the war of terror being waged against the citizens of this country by its own government, right? Better, huh? Too bad the citizens pushed back, huh? And Beck, well, he's shot himself in the foot by being so arrogant as to presume to know the mind of God. And I feel for him, but no, I don't support him in his quest to be Ghandi, MLK, or Bonhoeffer or whomever he thinks he is this week.
That's just politiSpeak for "we don't have any facts" and "we can bamboozle the electorate" plus "the people are too stupid to get a dictionary."
How about the establishment Republicans quit supporting the Progressive Democrats and stop attacking conservatives openly? Sure, you say work to improve the party or reform it, but that's fairly difficult when the RINOs resist change and prefer to defend the status quo by publicly attacking those in their own party who would like to see them embrace conservatism and the country instead of Democrats.
Do you believe in the Constitution? I do. And nowhere does it give the Federal government the authority to tell a free individual what to do with his or her body. Nowhere. You may not agree with what another person wants to do with his or her private domain--the body--but that doesn't make you God either. In fact, I don't see in the Bible where after God made all, he then gave some men (or women) the right to come between what God created and the individuals he created. Didn't see that in there.
Yeah, this White House has nothing better to do, no issue more pressing, than the regulation of cow farts.
How about getting rid of the ethanol? It's not cost effective.
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The Liberal Strategy for 2014: Buffoonery

8411c Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 6:21 PM
This just proves the administration will do and say anything to prop up the stock market. Boy, that's a big bubble there, huh?
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