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GOP Establishment Weary of Romney

8411c Wrote: Jan 17, 2015 7:27 AM
The HELL with the Republican Establishment. I don't see any difference between them and the Democrats. None. If they grow a pair and run someone like Walker, I might vote. Might. Outside of that, forget it--the only vote I will cast is for secession or revolution, and either is acceptable at this point. Two-party system, my assets. Two-party dog and pony show is more like it. There's a reason it's called political theater--to fool those who still think there's two parties to the System and not one agenda with two heads to entertain and divide us all. Bite me, Repo Establishment.
What we have in Elucidated2 is a feminazi. How quaint. LOL Merry Christmas. I hope your vagina appreciates the sacrifices you make for its freedom.
No, to me it wouldn't be right to condemn half the corrupt system and leave the other half scot-free. But I think Ransom meant all politics, not just one side or the other. Politics sucks these days. Especially the continuing dog and pony show entitled Dems versus Repubs playing now at our local, state and federal political theaters. Hard to suspend my disbelief long enough to be entertained by the fiction.
Obama's certainly hosed you, hasn't he? LOL
I guess you'd be the authority on hypocrisy now, wouldn't you?
I bet Bill can beat her--with his stick. If he would...
Geez, if you guys "care" so much about the children, why do you abort? Just wondering here.
Heretic, it's amazing watching this guy spew. These are the kind of people who eventually blow themselves out and then you say, now can I help you? LOL Let's see how much more hate and venom this little child can produce in this latest hissy fit. I bet he doesn't have anywhere to go for Christmas dinner because there's no one willing to waste their time anymore. Poor thing...lol
And you don't Google, do you? Gee, I typed out the name of the project for ya even. All you had to do was copy and paste. Too much for ya, huh? Merry Christmas. Lift a finger on your own behalf once. Don't expect others to do it for you.
Wow, you sure make a boatload of assumptions. I'm not going to defend John Ransom because he doesn't need any defending. He has his opinion, I have mine, you have yours, but talk about negativity. How about all those baseless claims you just made--"fanning the flames of hate in this country", etc., then attacking his readership. Unbelievable. I think the trash spewing from the mouths of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the emperor Obama make any criticisms by John Ransom look like high compliments. Are you what passes for an all-knowing, all-tolerant liberal? I know you folks would love to supplant GOD and tell us what to believe, when to believe, and even whom we should worship, but you have yet to see the hearts of men. How do I know that? Because if you did, you would see the heart of your Obama savior is the blackest of any man in recent history. Now, how do I know that? Actions speak so much louder than words. Just like your action in coming here today to post negativity and inflammatory remarks while accusing another of doing so. Have a Merry Christmas. Hope you don't choke on my political incorrectness or that turkey you're going to eat later today, somewhere, cooked by someone who still thinks you're worth feeding and spending time with.
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