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Catch the "Real" Obama, the Night's Big Whiner

8411c Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 8:47 AM
I've heard enough of Owebambi's minions crying out for fairness, for equality, for equal misery shared by all... In the interest of all that "fairness" and "social justice" I say we should give Romney a "fair shake." After all, this country gave Owebambi four years to figure out how to do something besides talk and he's an epic fail. It's only fair that Romney be allowed an "equal" chance. Wouldn't you agree, all you Occupiers, you "social justices", you equal-opportunity liberals? Being a problem solver myself, I understand Romney's approach. You don't dwell on crisis (unless you're planning a political gain), you tackle the problem and any good idea toward that end is welcome, even if you don't care for the proponent.

Nothing displayed Barack Obama’s Achilles’ heel better than when the night's big whiner complained the next day that we don't know the "real" Mitt Romney. The man who can't explain his own Christianity without ifs, ands or buts has a lot nerve even if he is lacking in common sense.

"The man on stage last night, he does not want to be held accountable for the real Mitt Romney's decisions and what he's been saying for the last year," Obama, the man who doesn't want to be accountable for anything, said yesterday after the debate. "And that's because he knows full well...