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All Hail the Death of Bipartisans

8411c Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 11:35 AM
Our Founding Fathers were less extremists than you believe. They exhausted every reasonable means of solving their problems before taking the extraordinary step of Revolution. Study your history. Abe Lincoln was extreme, and I don't say he was right or wrong, because the Several States had every right to secede. I don't support slavery either--just to quell your next extreme assumption. I do support States' Rights, however.

The presidential playbook generally calls for a successful candidate to swing to the middle when they are running unopposed for their party’s nomination.

But as we enter perhaps the final three months of the Obama administration, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to make an appeal to the center, if indeed a center even exists in American politics anymore.

Obama has destroyed the political center in this country, and for that we can be thankful. 

Because Obama’s policies have exposed the basic problem with the bipartisan approach favored by establishment Republicans and so-called Blue Dog Democrats.

Both of...

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