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Why does Fox even put this moron on TV? And if they do, when they will start really making these liberal morons to answer for every stupid democrap talking point? And not let them to get away with all that garbage.
Are you one of Sandusky's victims? Or maybe you are one of obalenin's victims. In both cases check out if oblamacare will cover mental disorder.
"What an moron"? Really? I guess you were in the same class with! Do you hide your college records too? What a moron!
Carney bagdad bob, You need to use oblamacare to have some intelligence injected into your brain. You look shameless and clueless. Which part of "Death to America" you, your clown boss and "foreign policy genius" hilary clinton don't understand.
Morsi, you and your 72 virgin sex addicted muslim brothers can kiss our American rear ends on your every ramadan.
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David Axelrod Slams Romney on 9/11

77Walter Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 1:49 AM
David Axelwhore, when you will learn to tell the truth, moron?
I am sick and tired of this coward, communist liar called obama. What a disgrace to our country! No one respects America anymore. We give these moron muslims billions and they go kill an American? Tear our flag and put a jihadist flag instead on our embassy? And our government full of cowards and morons blames Americans for their freedom of speech?
Tom Brokow, You are a useless human being, dishonest MSM commie talking head. Were you questioning your godfather obama's experience in 2008? Or you thought being a community organizer was enough to qualify him to be the President.
Great comment and very funny!
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Obama Camp Melts Down Over Ryan's Speech

77Walter Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 3:23 PM
You need to change your name from "MainStreamVoter" into "MainStreamIdiot". It will sound more real.
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