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Dad And I would not follow those orders either. And that is not the discussion betw stands and me.
Referring to stands.
Dad If Obama declared martial law in the event of a national emergency, your saying your son would consider it to be illegal and disobey? That is the subject of the discussion. Martial law/national emergency. Stands is reframing the discussion for her agenda. Think for yourself dad.
Try what dad? What do you mean by power grab? And how does that translate into an unlawful order? You talk about hypotheticals and than give hypothetical results.
You owe me and my sons a apology.
I seriously suggest you not speak for my sons, or assume you know what they think. You insult my sons. And I also suggest you apologize for doing so.
You are your fathers daughter. So you must make him proud. As far as orders. We are not on the same sheet. The orders you describe are not what I am referring to. First of all, I do not speak for my sons. They speak for themselves. And I speak for myself, not anyone else. Why is it that everything needs to be repeated for you.
Another asinine question. Must be a full moon, or dummy dust storm. Why aren't you in Israel in the ISDF? Why aren't you defending Israel instead of criticizing Americans. Israel first but you live here. What kind of israeli are you? Israeli patriot but NOT that patriotic to actually defend israel. Talk the talk...Lmao. Americans believe America first.
You are correct. I am referring to joint chiefs.
Dave. Full auto weapons, ordinance, and a long list of support, and you think a civilian will secure a pistol and shotgun and take on the most highly trained and experienced combat troops in the world like in the movies? they got 10 years of house of house and you hope some soccer mom with a 12 ga will take them on.... You hope so? Is that like the hope in Obamas hope and change?
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