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That statement is out and out BS!!!! Who was the idiot that came up with that? Bumborats have their heads up their dark orifice....
America needs to do to the terrorist countries what we did to the Japanese during WWII. Nuke em'!!!
Obozo needs to schette or get off the pot!!!!
Send that big mouth jerk back to Mexaco. America doesn't need his negative input. We already have 2 other antagonists, Sharpton and Jackson.
There's nothing here folks, just another crooked dumborat taking advantage of the system.
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Montage: the "Best" of Nancy Pelosi

63Marine Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 4:07 PM
Nazi Pukelosi needs to be put out to pasture. She has screwed things up enough.
Obozo needs to get off his dead butt and send bombers over there and turn the area into a sheet of glass.....
Republicans need to pull out all the stops and send dirty Harry packing. Fight dirty if they have to. The dumborats won't stop at anything.
The poor reporter didn't remember the rules. A woman cannot speak directly to a muslim man without first being recognized by that muslim.
Another Librat loser!! She needs to be flushed along with ALL the rest of the Librats...
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