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Putting Prudence Back Into Primary Politics

606 Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 10:41 PM
I am so tired of these 'all or nothing groups.' They are a high bore. If you want perfection, get off your a** and run. That is, if you think you can pass your own test.

No sooner had Shelley Moore Capito announced her candidacy for the US Senate in 2014 than the Club for Growth is denouncing her as insufficiently conservative.

Look, I agree with every principle for which the Club for Growth stands.  But it's also worth pointing out that Shelley Moore Capito is by far the most prominent, popular Republican in a state that has been trending red but so far has resisted electing Republicans to statewide office.

Club for Growth points to the failed candidacies of "establishment candidates" Heather Wilson, Rick Berg, and Denny Rehberg in the last election.  Fair enough.  But...