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Spring Clean Government

5thDegreeInSight Wrote: Mar 19, 2014 11:50 AM
Better yet let's repeal the 17th Amendment and make Senators responsible to the legislatures of their states. Of all the great Senators in our history the great majority were appointed not popularly elected. There was a reason the writers of the Constitution had one House popularly elected - which was supposed to be the more powerful in that it controlled the purse strings - and one House appointed which was supposed to look out for the interests of their individual state and handle those things which required long and careful deliberation - treaties and Supreme Court appointments. Two things the founders feared greatly were an overreaching oppressive central government and pure democracy - and they crafted an amazingly elegant system to control both - unfortunate the progs have screwed both up with one amendment.
Refreshing to see a poster who not only knows history but actually knows what is means and how to correlate today to the past.
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Putin, Petroleum and Pantyhose

5thDegreeInSight Wrote: Mar 06, 2014 3:44 PM
This is the first logical piece on the way forward to mitigate Putin's fait accompli that I have seen from anyone right or left. The horse has already left the barn on Crimea - but if we move quickly enough on oil perhaps we can keep the rest of Ukraine intact.
Harry Reid Meet Dr. Goebbels! With Senator Reid’s diatribe against American citizens we have an excellent example of the classic Fascist propaganda technique of declaring a faux enemy to focus the ire of the citizenry upon so that it isn’t directed at the administration. In the current example the evil other is the Koch brothers. In the case of the National Socialists the evil other was the Jews. If you listen closely the same alleged wicked behaviors of the Jews for which they would be first suppressed and then eliminated are precisely the items of wickedness that Reid here attributes to the Koch brothers. Ill-gotten gains, manipulation behind the scenes to the detriment of the honest hardworking citizen – those themes from Senator Reid and much of the rest of the left of the Democratic Party would have been quite familiar in 1927-40 Germany. To galvanize an uneducated polity it is necessary to construct a bogie man to focus them against. That is exactly what we see here. There is no surer way of galvanizing the ignorant masses to the savage hatred that allows the placement of blame on the outlander or the other (in this case the Kochs and other wealthy producers – not wealthy per se – athletes and entertainers exempt). The entire Democrat and progressive ideal is built on scapegoats. Nothing is ever the President’s fault – he found out from the news the same as you.
Harry Reid is a serial liar who lives in luxury in a million dollar plus condominium at the Ritz-Carlton in DC while saying he lives in Searchlight NV. In fact Harry owns 15 properties in Searchlight only one of which has an improvement on it. Can we assume that's where Harry lives? Could be, except for the cold hard fact that Google Earth discloses that the improvement on that property is a single-wide with 3 crank outs. He is among the most despicable people ever to serve in the Senate and without doubt the most evil majority leader of either party in our history.
Hey give me shall issue concealed carry in NYC and I'll give you no Stop and Frisk. S & F does require probable cause.
Hewitt has put into very clear language the same thing Pope Francis was saying - the left jumped on it as the new LIBERAL Pope - but changing tone so that your message gets a hearing - which is, in essence, what Francis said - is not compromising foundation principle. He gets it and we Republicans should follow the advice of Francis - and Brother Hugh as well.
This may turn out to be the most important political memoir of the last 60 years. It confirms what I said about this president early in his first term. He is a classic narcissistic paranoid. Smartest man in the world, never makes a mistake, everyone out to get him, must have total control. Psychologists have a term for what happens when a narcissistic paranoid is confronted by a situation he can't control. They call it going postal.
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The Gates Earthquake

5thDegreeInSight Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 11:53 AM
From early reports, this may be the most important political memoir of the last 60 years. From the first comments it confirms my assessment of Obama from early in his first term. This guy is a classic narcissistic paranoid. Never made a mistake, everyone around him is out to get him, and absolute necessity to be in total control. Major problem with narcissistic paranoids is that if they ever lose the perception of total control they explode. Some very good psychologists will tongue in cheek describe impact on a narcissistic paranoid as "going postal."
Structural problem with all unemployment benefits (and welfare programs as well) is that the economic calculation says it's better to collect than work. How do we make it so that they liquidate somehow incrementally so that work is rewarded with an improvement in situation not just a substitution of work income for benefit income?
The comparison of labor participation rates is misleading when going back further than 1980. The base population as the denominator is all adults male and female not in school full time and age 16 and over. Prior to about that time there were far fewer households headed by single women and married women with children were far more likely to be full time mothers and homemakers. What this means is that the 63% participation rate in 1978 wasn't so bad and that rate today is devastating. Were the CLFPR chart extended back from the 1970 shown here you would find that the participation rate would be fairly flat going back to 1945. Mothers were largely not part of the workforce by choice. The upward slope from there on is indicative of the impact of the 1960s cultural change to marriage and multi-decade increase in our of wedlock births.
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