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Another Example. ISIS EBOLA OBAMA DEMOCRATS ICOMPETENCE Just goes together doesn't it?
ISIS Ebola Obama Democrats Incompetence.
It was wrong to let Lehman fail - not in theory or principle but because the Fed had previously bailed out the Bear Stearns ownership with $25 Billion in support for the buyout. That inconsistency put the markets in chaos. There wasn't certainty either way. The Fed should have stayed out and let everybody who made stupid choice go to orderly liquidation. But once they set the standard with Bear Stearns they should have stayed with that standard. Had they let everybody fail the recession would have been much sharper than it was but it would have been over with in two years or so - as it is I expect the faux growth will extend as long as the 1930s - Unemployment was still 14.36% as late as June 1941. Were we to count on the same basis today we would be at the same number or worse.
Close but it was a revenue bill - the original title of the bill was: An Act to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to modify the first-time homebuyers credit in the case of members of the Armed Forces and certain other Federal employees, and for other purposes Actually that's still the official title. The first line in the body removes every word after the title and substitutes Obamacare. Any thinking court would throw it out as a revenue bill which didn't originate in the House citing that by changing every word it was no longer a House bill.
Climate is the aggregate of weather, my son. 18th year of lower temperatures in the "weather" is beginning to like suspiciously like an aggregate.
Sorry you are an absolute liar my friend. I get most of my information from intelligence services such as Stratfor. Hamas has by design jumped the gun on every agreed to truce. That's their tactic - launch rockets 5 or 6 hours before expiration and then loudly ask for another truce hoping to get a deal before Israel fully retaliates. What do you have to say about the summary executions of 18 Palestinian gentlemen on Sunday. I suppose you buy the BS that they were Israelis informants. Timing indicts that falsehood - if they had informants they would have executed them BEFORE they lost their senior leaders.
This is a joke, right? Focus intell assets and work with MI & Mossad to locate these guys and send a team or a drone or both to extract justice.
We don't think he's from Kenya - everything else you say is spot on. He is also Marxist progressive - and the obvious reason is that his philosophies are destructive to liberty.
A reformation of Islam is overdue - it happened in Christianity and Judaism over 350 years resulting in today's philosophy from about 1680. Islam has never had that - it must internally do so and part of it will be to throw out the Medina Surahs. without that they will forever be pariahs.
Worst year of the depression was 1937 five years into FDR's autocratic socialist nostrums. Unemployment was 14.6% in July 1941 - at a time when industry had already been ramped up to provide ammunition and equipment to the allies two years into the war in Europe and a year after the labor forced had been reduced by the draft and call up of the National Guard. Keynesian policies have done nothing good and much bad. The devaluation of the dollar didn't help anything - it just stole the savings of the American public - and assured no return to economic growth. It was done by Executive Order using the façade of the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 for justification. Shades of Obama assuming the right to make law.
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