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full panic indeed, full public display will O take us down with him - suicide precedent from hs Muslim brethren Manchurian Muslim from Marx-ico
Manchurian Muslim from Marx-ico - tells it all
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Black Christians Love Israel

5637 Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 2:10 PM
Re Jews, who think that the land (and nation) were given to Jews by God-- this Jew takes a dim view of God,if any view, and prefers that we are our own masters The area (borders constantly redefined) is "ours" by ancestral loyalties - as with any ethnic territorial nationalism ie Zionism as ours The "world" gave us territorial autonomy and ownership, in 1947 effective 1948, continuing /ending the British ownership by conquest, 1917, which in turn ended Muslim ownership by conquest, 700 or so Arabs in 1947 vowed destruction and are still vowing Had they cut a deal in 1947 and taken the UN offer, there would be no dead Pals; as long as they vow they will die, lather rinse repeat BUT they are better off, miserable wretched of God and unworthy, better off fighting Jews than each other, we don't behead, on TV or sell their women into slavery and all that sort of thing, maybe we missed the memo When we get really really mad at them we will air drop then into ISIS-land where they can face their own, to be enslaved and beheaded, over doctrinal purity, and beg and grovel to come back and fight Jews, and since we are a merciful people we will let them, to murder our children, after some suitable grovelling
I trust the sincerity of these people, others who post here do not BUt for me this is not enough where is the fatwa against such killings or non-lethal; street-level harassment and where is enforcement against such street level harassment which inhibits and thereby enables lethal violence by escalation
Muslim name? http://granitegrok.com/blog/2012/10/muslim-brotherhood-what-does-maggie-hassan-think-of-her-husbands-islamic-radical-friends-that-he-brings-to-philips-exeter-academy or islamophobia http://www.loonwatch.com/2012/10/margaret-hassan-and-thomas-hassan-targets-of-the-islamophobic-looniverse/
and john kerry was in Cambodia - he still has the hat
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Cui Bono?

5637 Wrote: Feb 13, 2015 7:28 AM
Tehran 1979 is bad example, there were NO helicopter evacuations, our embassy was invaded and our personnel captured , like Benghazi, except there our people were butchered Mr O's legacy - is that he favors extremists over moderates always, and has presided, as he said long ago, of the retrenchment of American empire - Syria had no correct answer, Mr O had a view to intervene for 'moderates' and the American people said no, properly, there are NO moderates in green civil war In Syria our proper response was to arm both sides, or all sides ,Assad is our man or was, he butchers for secular power not theocratic power, but he has been taken over by Iran, as we see and no local faction will be our proxy to fight Iranian regional hegemony THAT is our search now , our venture into Iraq, which had some fragile success, as counter weight to Iran, by force of arms, was destroyed by Mr Obama's pro Islamist policies Many have offered that we need a Churchill in the WH not a Chamberlain or a Vichy or a Quisling (ask Google) but Mr O was way ahead of us and sent back to England Churchill's; memorial statue (bust) Churchill was half American, his mom, Jennifer Jerome, was from Brooklyn- the original 'Jennie from the block ' why do we never call him British-American Churchill, same reason we never call Mr O white-black-african-american I guess Churchill came to power only after the fall of France, as a desperate wartime measure by the English and was turned out promptly by war's end...
I need some guidance on why a POVERTY law center (southern subset only) has an opinion on marriage - does redefining an established definition of marriage reduce or increase poverty? maybe their brains have all gone South on us
Walker's answer - this is not a question for politicians - is pretty good - Evo is a hot button for, or a proxy for, Christian extremism (as defined by anti-Christians) and he fielded it well enough, ad hoc, so he will do well on other ambush journalism , he gets points from me on this classical Darwinian gradualism is quite rebutted by the geological record of punctuated equilibrium - but I think THAT debate will fail the public's ADHD 'gotcha' (litmus test) interest selective breeding for local environmental advantage within a given gene pool is NOT speciation - emergence of new species IS Darwinism - that will also fail the ADHD crowd - speciation may well derive from narrow mutation DNA alteration - thus a form of Darwinism - but mutation is, usually, random - how does random mutation get it so precisely correct - the 'wind in the junkyard' challenge I prefer adaptive mutation, and we are seeing the early glimmers of that in our (traditional science) researches, after quite a few false starts - we see as we watch, emergence of complex CHNO molecules in ocean floor super hot thermal vents, primordial soup - is THAT life's origins? and where are all the failed mutations, Darwin has many, per theory - in the abortion clinic's out-basket and what of panspermia (DNA or precursors from the remainder of our interstellar galaxy) - earth has for example Mars rocks, Walker did pretty good further the Evo v Jesus debate tends to blur Young Earthers (biblical literalists) and Old Earthers (most of them) We prefer to ask if leftos believe in Glowar given fifteen years of NGW No GloWar The usual suggested rejoinder though, is -" when does life start and when can a fetus feel pain"
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NBC's Ridiculous Williams Suspension

5637 Wrote: Feb 13, 2015 6:54 AM
BB, The purpose of punishment is several fold - one is generalized deterrence, WHAT do we have to do to the miserable wretch BW to ensure that others do not falsify or enhance, BW is not the first, we have several recent high-profile and incredible but attractive and desirable liars in media, who have done the same, and sociopath hustler manipulator liars will always be with us, so we must do what we can to deter as we will never eliminate self-aggrandizing liars THAT is the measure of appropriate punishment subjective and unmeasurable - another part of 'justice' is moral balance , and each of us has a different morality This story includes that BW's superiors knew he was lying and did nothing until it got much worse, got public - what is THEIR punishment -- for now nothing ,maybe lost ratings and advertising revenues, maybe lots of that, hopefully , maybe you will beat that drum as for Ms Clinton - I expect her to answer to voters who will decide if we want liars in office, we seem accepting, maybe if D is after their names (as in Dishonest?) -- Nixon - you S T R E T C H to include millhouse in your list - I am old enough to have participated in street theater against Mr Nixon, NOTHING could have saved him , he was doomed by character - Greek Tragedy made modern or shown to be eternal, fatal flaw of character, and pride - 'hubris' - but we are accepting now of Dem lies As with BW, RMN did not need to burgle Watergate, but yawn once again, the coverup is always worse than the crime , all reflexive bunker mode , , using CIA to pressure FBI - 'enemies lists - OK when Obama does it - social insulation and narcissism of power , he could not save himself, the blood was up for him BW should really give it up and so should you on mitigating his wrongdoing
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