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Our drones should be able to reach qatar did we tell him that we implanted a GPS beacon while he was asleep? 'nee to know' I guess
KEEP THIS STORY ALIVE Plan B is the cops call into the house, announce their presence and intentions and ask the residents to cooperate \this is not the first such attack, others include deaf persons who do not hear the orders to come out, and who die when the building is stormed the militarization of the police forces is preface to future militarization of public life and encourages gun ownership and shootouts the police procedure should require telephoning first once the building is surrounded there are too many of these stories, trigger happy cops AS POLICY - we do not ask these people to take a bullet, we ask only some greater due diligence against 'friendly fire' a flash0bang before notice does not sound like prudent policy flash bang is used, from the public record, when storming a building in hostage rescue, which was not the case here
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White People Be Playing the Race Card

5637 Wrote: May 22, 2014 7:05 AM
We be quite happy with Black fo' if'n they be conservo So just what does a Black man have to do to be a jerk and be called for it when Soul Patrol goes back to rhythm and blues and the rest of us do not judge and evaluate Back Folks by the color of their politics, then Black folk s have a chance of stepping out of conformist stereotyping, imposed by other Black folks there I said it, sho'nuff Thing is, a Black writer can mimic dialect, maybe even mock, to make a point, but not a white one so where does the affectation of droppin' final g's stand in this color coded permissions schema
what a disgraceful comment so now we have a ratio card for how many homes you may own and no more, or bed checks i doubt that a needy family could afford this rental and ancillary services piffle to envy and confiscation go write a new column of recantation
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Purple Lavender White and Colored

5637 Wrote: May 09, 2014 6:51 AM
separate but equal, mike, took 60 years for plessy 1896 to be overturned by brown 1954 and now sixty years gone by separate but equal is back
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Policing Thought Crime

5637 Wrote: May 08, 2014 7:11 AM
During ww1 there was a lot more of this under Dem president Wilson, making the world safe for democracy the American Protective League (or a name like that) and interning German-named persons a pre-cursof of Japanese internment under DEM Roosevelt all happened in www1 but for thought crime, we need not go back one hundred years, just go to any college campus today or tomorrow and our country did start out with Alien and Sedition laws
Tx, i was wondering when someone would realize these are thought crimes people hate and despite people all over the world, now some groups are immune from dislike? and, the black abuse towards white people is just as bad at the level of words word-crimes i prefer that racism be limited to actions
So, are we ready to thank Mr Snowden?
arrested and charged keep this story alive meanwhile the perp will add this to her resume and these young ladies are fearless and we should promote them publicly
I read a techno thriller version of this quite a few years ago, fifteen? tom Clancy style, passenger plane is diverted to a desert air strip, libya style, [passengers taken off, plane loaded up with fuel good-guys' break through is the mysterious wanderings of the pilot, acting suspiciously Tom Clancy also called the 911 attacks, with passenger liners crashing into a joint congressional session, like State of The union (one person in the line of command always stays away, just in case)
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