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GOP’s ‘Post-Mortem’ Shows Political Party Without A Clue

5428 Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 10:08 AM
I agree with the stance regarding libertarians, they are SOCIALY LIBERAL. On the same page as the DEMS/SOCIALIST. We still need Conservative ideas here, why we ever went off the path is confusing to me. NO legalized drugs, close the borders,deport all that have come here what is the word??? ILLEGALLY.... THEY BROKE THE LAW, What part of this sentence do the so called people who are for Citizenship UNDERSTAND...... If we went to the OTHER COUNTRIES AND TRIED TO TELL THEM ON TO RUN IT, we'd be in JAIL OR DEPORTED.Religion at least Christianinty is being attack, allow with our valued TRADITIONS....TIME TO STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK. GET OUR AMERICA BACK.....

President Obama knows for a fact what many in the Republican Party — especially it's "leadership" — fail to understand or acknowledge: the GOP is not only irrelevant, but impotent as it flails about in search of convictions, some backbone, national support and an honest message.

The just released self-described "autopsy" report by the Republican National Committee merely confirms that truth.

Beyond the president, this new reality has dawned on all but the most partisan Republicans or consultants to the RNC.

It has become crystal clear that a growing number of liberals in positions of power have little or no respect...